Know how well students did on their homework before they walk into the classroom.

Submitted 7 years ago
Mike D.
Mike D.
Ephraim Curtis Middle School
Sudbury MA, US
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My Take

I don't think I could teach without this tool in my classroom! The information I have before each class is invaluable. I can better reach my students when I know where their stumbling blocks are, even when they are too shy to tell me themselves.

How I Use It

I use Assistments to give my nightly homework assignments. Instead of students coming through the door to show me what they've done, I have already seen the results of their homework before they enter the classroom. I am able to alter my pedagogy based on how well they understood the lesson from the day before. It allows me to be more organized in my collection of homework as well as be more attentive to which students are understanding and which need more help. Students aren't as crazy about Assistments as I'd like to be since it forces them to add the step of typing in their answers before moving on from one problem to the next. They do, however, like being told they're right! Rather than practicing the same concept incorrectly, Assistments lets students know how to fix their mistakes before moving on. Practice makes improvement, and when practice is guided with right and wrong, real learning can happen!