App for Speech!!!

Submitted 8 years ago
Liz B.
Liz B.
Arts And Technology Academy of Pontiac
Pontiac MI, US
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My Take

I would recommend this app as a reinforcement or supplementary teaching tool for students who struggle with speech. I like how you can pick where you the sound focused…for example in the beginning middle or end. If you picked the “p” sound you could decide the beginning sound: pen, middle: stapler and end: tap. It not only says the word for you but the student can record them pronouncing it as well. This offers them a chance to compare and see if they are on the right track with the pronunciation. This app would a great asset!!!

How I Use It

This app would be great for speech teachers. While I’m not a speech pathologist and only know a small amount of what they do I could see a speech teacher using this as a reinforcement tool. Once they have a sound down they can use this app to help secure their proper use and pronunciation. They can record their voice and compare it to what it should sound like. This gives them the opportunity to hear it from someone besides their teacher as well.