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Students love this application for working on Articulation skills.

This product is a great one to have on your iPad if you do articulation therapy. It is easy to set up, easy to switch between sounds and skills for each student in your group. You can save data from sessions in the app. I think the picture prompts could be a little more relevant to the word represented.
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App for Speech!!!

I would recommend this app as a reinforcement or supplementary teaching tool for students who struggle with speech. I like how you can pick where you the sound focused…for example in the beginning middle or end. If you picked the “p” sound you could decide the beginning sound: pen, middle: stapler and end: tap. It not only says the word for you but the student can record them pronouncing it as well. This offers them a chance to compare and see if they are on the right track with the pronunciation. This app would a great asset!!!
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Amazing Phonics Apps!

I love this app. It's visually pleasing and perfect for K-1 classrooms. It's difficult to find phonics apps and this one is one of the best! and free!
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Excellent tool to work on articulation with students.

This app takes the place of hours spent making matching games or word cards to help students practice their speech target sounds. It is very easy to set up and well worth the price to me! I have even used it with my daughter to help with her articulation needs. She was not motivated by other means, but this app drew her in and kept her practicing. It has a great record feature that students can use to record themselves and play back to hear how they are saying the word. I also like that it allows teachers to customize what position of the sound you are practicing (initial, middle, or end) and easily and quickly mark whether students were proficient or not.
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