Highly Entertaining Competitive Educational Games

Submitted 9 years ago
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I love this website, because it has a variety of educational games (rote learning) for ELA, Math, and other. Kids get really excited, often times, too excited about racing each other and random other people. They try to set up games, private games with passwords, so there have to be rules on the games. I'd say, they cannot get out of their seats, they cannot yell for people to join, and they need to start within one minute (no waiting for people to join). If they do want a private game, they can use the screen name as the password.
It's mostly K-6, but there are a few for grades 7-8. Also, there are a few games that are not multi-player.
There are some games

How I Use It

I use this in my computer lab for math drills or grammar skills.
The kids get VERY excited about competing, even if they aren't good at the game.

You can also download the Arcademics App, but you need Arcademics Plus (paid).