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Great interaction and format!

Competitiveness is great in the classroom environment because it gives students incentive to do well and not to lose to their peers and classmates. The interface of the website is very user friendly and I would recommend this to other people!
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Great, interactive and exciting

What I liked about it is my students stayed engaged and wanted to play because they could play each other.
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Engaging Games to Support Learning

Students love competition and games. Arcademics combines both of these aspects through friendly game-based activities. Subjects range from math to language arts to keyboarding. A paid subscription (only $100/year for a classroom license) unlocks ALL the games as well as including data that tracks student progress. This website continues to be a BIG HIT with students! An extension to help support reflective thinking would be to have students spend 2-3 days playing games, and 1 day reflecting on what they were learning while playing these games. Here's sample <a href=""> Google Form Reflection Sheet </a> I've used with students.
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It's more that just a typing game!

Again, I originally bought Arcademic Skills for the typing games. What a bonus to find games in almost every subject including language arts, geography and math. Each game provides competitive practice and advances students as they improve. Teachers can use the console to assign specific games to customize individual student learning. The only draw back is the price, but for me it was worth it.
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Great learning tool!

This product helps engage with the numbers in a fast pace method.
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Highly Entertaining Competitive Educational Games

I love this website, because it has a variety of educational games (rote learning) for ELA, Math, and other. Kids get really excited, often times, too excited about racing each other and random other people. They try to set up games, private games with passwords, so there have to be rules on the games. I'd say, they cannot get out of their seats, they cannot yell for people to join, and they need to start within one minute (no waiting for people to join). If they do want a private game, they can use the screen name as the password. It's mostly K-6, but there are a few for grades 7-8. Also, there are a few games that are not multi-player. There are some games
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Website that covers a variety of math and language arts skills

There were SO MANY games to choose from at first, it took a while to decide and try them out. the synonyms and antonyms games were very well received along with the dolphin money games and multiplication tractor pull.
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This is a great way for students to learn basic facts with a fluency that leads to success in more complicated math.

This may seem like "drill and kill" on technology, but it has a very important place because inability to fluently use facts keeps students from using their working memory on harder math like word problems and tasks that require effort and many steps. Knowing facts quickly allows students to concentrate on other tasks. Sadly, most students associate learning basic facts with timed tests (which tend to cause some students to become stressed and lose the facts they knew). My students associate it with games, racing with each other (which means they WANT to be fast and challenge themselves to become faster!!) and playing games with great graphics. Not only that, but is shows the student which facts they get wrong and then my students often write them down so they can learn them and be better the next time. What's not to like?!!
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Great site! Wish it was free

This is a great resource. It's worth the money if you teach K-4 or have many students who need extra support. My kiddos loved it.
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Great for independent practice and reinforcement

My students LOVE the fact that they can play against each other in the various games or play against other students in other locations. The competitiveness of many of the games makes it an attractive choice for free time activities. I love that it allows me to assign activities for extension or reinforcement and the students can challenge themselves at their own level.
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