Your pupils will amaze you with what they can create in AppInventor.

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AppInventor goes well beyond fundamentals if your pupils and teacher are capable. Obviously if a teacher can't even correctly spell their critical comments they probably can't get the most out of AppInventor. It can be a little complicated to set-up on protected school networks, very important to talk to your IT Technicians several weeks in advance of diving in to getting it set up.
As will all programming languages, accuracy and attention to detail are of paramount importance.
Your high flying intelligent pupils will amaze you with what they can create in AppInventor. The beginners can enjoy some very engaging guided tutorial apps to learn the basics.
I am very grateful to the researchers at MIT who put this together, and its FREE!

How I Use It

Used for introduction to app programming for non-computing pupils in years 7,8,9. After basics in Scratch in lower years the target platform (Android mobile) inspires pupils to want to create something to use on their own devices (we had 6 school owned tablets for those pupils with Apple devices).
Contrary to some of the people leaving negative comments, there is a huge amount to learn in AppInventor and it is supported by additional technologies such as Google Fusion Tables, that enables apps to store data in the cloud FOR FREE. My GCSE pupils used that for externally assessed work at age 16,