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Function rich app builder for everyone!

This is a great tool for middle schoolers with some coding experience and high schoolers who are being introduced to coding. The possibilities with this app are endless. I liked how students can use block programming to create apps of their liking but the interface needs a serious upgrade and can be made to look more inviting(like Scratch 3.0) Sadly, there were glitches with the emulator functioning and students who did not have an android phone felt a little helpless. I also feel some of their support material could also be upgraded!
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Your pupils will amaze you with what they can create in AppInventor.

AppInventor goes well beyond fundamentals if your pupils and teacher are capable. Obviously if a teacher can't even correctly spell their critical comments they probably can't get the most out of AppInventor. It can be a little complicated to set-up on protected school networks, very important to talk to your IT Technicians several weeks in advance of diving in to getting it set up. As will all programming languages, accuracy and attention to detail are of paramount importance. Your high flying intelligent pupils will amaze you with what they can create in AppInventor. The beginners can enjoy some very engaging guided tutorial apps to learn the basics. I am very grateful to the researchers at MIT who put this together, and its FREE!
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God App for stupid kids, otherwise, dont waste ur time with it

This app is an app which only special needs kids or low literacy kids should actually spend time learning. It is a simple app allowing app creation at its simplest. It does not teach actual programming languages like Java, HTML5, or Python which are required in actual app creation. I had to learn HTML5 on my own. This app pretty much basically is not one that I would recommend,
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Good for Java practice using the Java Bridge Programming site

I like using the site as extra practice for my students. The students can work on their own at school and at home without having to install software.
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Great Website! Make sure your students are prepared with tech knowledge!

I think that this is a great tool for students, however, I feel that it should definitely come with some extra tutorials or be used with already tech-literate students.
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Using App Inventor to teach Computer Science Principes

I think that students can really learn a lot about Computer Science and have fun creating mobile apps for android phones. Some of the topics are dry, but, they do really teach kids how to create computer programs as apps that they can upload and share with their friends. What I did not like was that if you did not have enough devices and used the web based simulator, that it would stop working as students were checking their programs. I also had technical issues with our school's firewall, internet filtering programs, and other technical issues as well. Still, I think if teachers put the time and effort into using this program, especially the one developed by the Mobile CSP group, it is a great way to teach Computer Science Principles!
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Great for creating Makers in your class!

I think is this a wonderful app. It allows for structure and creativity. It is the perfect tool for students that are interesting in programming and developing career skills. I like this app because it is not limited to the construction of simple apps. Students and teachers can built apps. You do not have to be a professional developer to effectively use this app. You are not writing code, you visually design the way the app looks and use blocks to specify the app's behavior.
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A good way to see how apps are created.

It seems to have a lot of value as a teaching tool. It's a bit complex at times but it would be a great resource particularly for self-motivated students interested in app creation.
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