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Submitted 8 years ago
Tina S.
Tina S.
Teacher of arts
Detroit Academy of Arts And Sciences
Detroit MI, US
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My Take

This site is a great asset to any classroom. It offers both teachers and students the chance to create and present ideas/projects in a new creative way. The best part is this site is free to all. After a quick introduction students will be able to create on their own with little assistance. As educators we are always looking for new and exciting material and tools to use with our students and this site is one of them!

How I Use It

I would definitely use this site in my room. It offers a fast and easy approach to creating a slide slow. My older students do a unit on an artist and again on a specific medium of art. I could see us using this as a way to present their findings in a fun, interactive and easy way. I give the students the opportunity to present any way they like but I will add this to the approved list. I know that I first need to introduce the site to the students and walk them through how to use it. After that I would let them explore on their own so that way if there are any questions or problems we could work through them together. After that they would be on their own....I would still be there for assistance.