Easy way to let your kids know that you think they're cool enough to put in a video.

Submitted 9 years ago
Leila P.
Leila P.
Friendship Christian School
Raleigh NC, US
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The 21st century learner is a visual learner. Our job as their teachers is to create a sensory-rich environment for them. But what teacher has the time to create original movies in iMovie or Windows Movie Maker? Animoto uses a simplified platform for creating videos. Users upload their photos or videos, choose their catchy music and other details like speed and transitions, and, voila! A movie is born.

How I Use It

I used Animoto videos as attention-grabbers for new units. I would download a few unprotected images that related to my unit and upload them into Animoto, choose my music, and download the resulting movie. My students loved these videos! I also used them to document our time together as a class. I would capture memories with my camera and at the end of a quarter, throw together a quick movie in Animoto. It was a great way to summarize that unit of learning and show how we had grown as a class. Seeing themselves in a movie made the students feel special and it reminded them that what they were doing was worthy of commemorating.