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Submitted 9 years ago
Kim  P.
Kim P.
Media Specialist
North Fairview Elementary
Topeka KS, US
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I love to use Animoto with kids to make presentations, especially book trailers. It is easy for kids to learn and easy to set up educational accounts for them. Animoto is a way for them to take what they have learned and make it into a project they can share with others.

How I Use It

Kids can take photos, draw pictures and scan them in, or find pictures on the Internet that tell the story they are trying to portray. Once they have pictures in place, they can add text as well. The amount of text that can go on one page is limited. Sometimes that is good to make kids be concise, but there are time I wish you could add more text. Finally, you can add music from their library to your creation and Animoto creates a video for you. Animoto offers a free educational account, though you do have to renew it every so often. It is an easy process to get approved though.

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