Build anything with a 2D simulation

Submitted 8 years ago
Darren D.
Darren D.
Cottonwood Creek Elementary School
Englewood CO, US
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This is a great tool for students to construct and build 2D simulations and practice physics concepts. Based on classroom use, it would be recommended to use the tool with middle and high school students. There are several handy tutorials that students can work through in order to understand the toolbars. Using the tool to teach the engineering design process allowed for some hands-on learning and development of projects to showcase and review.

How I Use It

Algodoo is a great tool to create interactive scenes. Students can explore physics, build amazing inventions, design games or experiment with engineering and science principles. Algodoo encourages students to construct prototypes while having fun. Making it as entertaining as it is educational, Algodoo is a perfect tool for children to learn and practice physics when working through the engineering design process. With Algodoo you can create simulation scenes using simple drawing tools like boxes, circles, polygons, gears, brushes, planes, ropes and chains. Easily interact with your objects by click and drag, tilt and shake. Edit and make changes by rotating, scaling, moving, cutting or cloning your objects. With that said, Algodoo was used with students when working through the engineering design process as students completed a prototype to solve a "real world" problem. Students were highly engaged with the opportunity to construct and test their scenes. This is a fabulous tool for constructing and dabbling with physics. Additionally, the tools can be difficult and numerous for students to use. At times students became confused and frustrated with all the different options.

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