Great pdf editing and annotating app with powerful paid features.

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

This is one of the best pdf viewers available on Android. I like all of the functionality included in the free version, and the paid options are very powerful. Specifically, the $1.99/month subscription allows users to convert pdf files to Word, Excel, and Rich Text format. There is also optical text recognition with the paid subscription. While these paid extras are great, most students and teachers will be just fine with the free features.

As mobile device use continues to become more common in schools, powerful tools like this will continue to make mobile devices suitable for content creation and productivity.

How I Use It

Adobe Reader is the best pdf viewer I have ever used on Android. It is great for allowing students to highlight and annotate on top of pdf files. The free version of the app allows for text selection and highlighting, drawing with a stylus or finger, and sharing the edited file via Gmail, Edmodo, Schoology and a number of other compatible Android apps. With these features, students can easily take their own notes on top of a presentation.

The app is also great for critiquing and providing feedback of student work. Some learning management systems like Schoology already have annotation features built-in, so using this feature might be unnecessary for some, but it's nice to have the added functionality for free.

Adobe also offers an in-app purchase of a subscription service for $1.99/month. Purchasing this service allows users to export pdf files to different file formats, but these extra features aren't necessary.