Do NOT waste your time or money!! Possibly Fraudulent!!

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Everything about this is junk. There is no way this is created by Ivy Leaguers-nothing professional about it. The website design is not fluid or very user friendly. The game model is ok and the graphics are neat but the actual material and learning is annoying. Watching youtube videos and then answering questions after them is not the interactive way I want my kiddos to learn. They’ve learned more from PBSKids. And the automated voice reading the questions is awful. Again not made my an Ivy League programmer. Also watch your billing once you’re signed up. I’ve read lots of complaints online about customer still being charged after cancelling. I just cancelled now after several months of meh. So I plan to watch my bank statement.

Again, don’t waste your time or money, there are TON of better sites out there.

How I Use It

I wanted to use this as a supplement to our regular homeschooling material. Something fun to do on the computer.

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