Love it! Engaging and great to reinforce many math skills!

Submitted 4 years ago
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AT SCHOOL: I am also an educator, so I can see how Adapted Mind can also be useful in the classroom too! You could use for ALL student levels since you can choose their level in which you'd like them to begin working and gradually work their way up. The key is to have them continually practice, so it can also be given as a homework assignment too. If you know a child is lacking confidence in general in math, perhaps this program would be beneficial too to help them build confidence on easier skills on a different level first, and then you could choose easier grade level skills to continue to build that confidence to work more challenging skills and problems. I also like that the questions are mostly answers that you have to enter manually instead of multiple choice. There are VERY FEW multiple choice answer choices! OVERALL, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT FOR ALL PARENTS AND EDUCATORS! It's definitely money well spent, at a very SMALL fraction of the cost of a fancy tutoring place! They give a 30 day FREE trial, so I highly recommend it to see if it fits your student's need. You won't be disappointed!

How I Use It

Overall, this program is great for reinforcing and mastering grade-level appropriate skills in math. AT HOME with my own child: I have a first grader, going into second grade and we had her start on the first grade skills to ensure mastery before working on the next grade level. She was actually asking to get on the computer to practice math! She loved earning points (or jewels) for getting answers right and being able to "buy" items or pets with her jewels! As a parent, I loved that it sends a daily report around midnight for me to analyze the next morning about her work progress the previous day. It will tell me how many questions she completed that day and how many she got wrong. Then, you can see which questions she missed from a particular skill. BEST OF ALL, when analyzing her data for a skill, you can easily click to have them practice more OR click for additional printed worksheets practice so you can guide them on paper with a mini-lesson before they play the game again. NO MORE searching for worksheets to practice AND it's skill focused and data driven based on their weaknesses. You can have them work at a time increment (Ex: 30 min. each morning or after lunch or dinner) or have them work a particular skill you choose. It's flexible how you want to use it, but if your child says they want to do more, how can you refuse! It has definitely helped my child become more confident and fluent in math!