Pretty visuals, thorough content, but clunky and confusing design

Submitted 8 years ago
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AdaptedMind is very thorough. In each grade level, skills are broken down to their smallest parts for students to practice, and each grade level has dozens of skills for students to choose from. However, the website does not make it clear how these skills are aligned to standards (Common Core State Standards, NCTM standards, etc.). The major drawback of this website is the design. While the badges are beautiful, the fonts and page layouts are clunky. In fact, some of the text on the page could be mistaken for ads. The fonts are also troublesome when it comes to completing the practice problems - it can be difficult to tell a variable X from a multiplication symbol. Many word problems have multiple boxes for students to fill in with values, but it can be unclear exactly what they are supposed to do. Overall, for adaptive math practice in elementary and middle school, you're better off using one of the many alternatives.

How I Use It

AdaptedMind provides adaptive math practice and video lessons for students in grades K-6. Students earn points and badges by correctly answering questions on a variety of topics. When a student answers a problem incorrectly, they are given a written correction or link to a video explanation. Students also have the ability to complete "worksheets" on the site, which allows them to complete several problems on the same topic at once. This site could be useful for teachers who would like an extra resource for their students to practice their skills, but better alternatives exist.

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