Interactive and Engaging Games

Submitted 3 years ago
Jovonne T.
Jovonne T.
Charlotte Country Day School
Charlotte NC, US
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My Take

Overall I think that this is a great teaching tool. I like that it offers a broad range of games that covers a variety of subjects areas. It is grouped by grade level allowing you to access games above and below your current grade level to offer differentiation of instruction. The website is easily accessible so I have recommended it to families as a fun way to review skills at home.
It would be helpful if it were more user friendly on the iPad. All of the games are not compatible for iPad usage and you have to purchase a subscription to have access to all of the games. We have six iPads in our classroom and I would love to be able to use these for independent work during math stations or literacy groups. I have to use my desktop connected to the Smart board through the website for students to play in small groups and it can be a little distracting to other groups who are working independently or with a teacher.

How I Use It

In our classroom we mostly used this learning tool to review and practice math concepts. I would demo the games for the for the whole class using the Smart board and then students could work in small groups to play on the Smart board as well. This was an easy, low-maintenance center on the days that we would do math stations. We also played some games together as a whole class during transitions or brain breaks.
I am interested in trying to implement more of the literacy based games as an independent option during word study or while I am doing small groups for reading. I just haven't explored those games as much as the math.