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Versatile and fun for any age

This app's versatility makes it perfect for a classroom setting. There are many games to choose from, and several age groups are represented (K-6). From math to reading to typing, Abcya has something for everyone! Whatever your students need to learn, you can find a game on this app for them.
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Free version has many ads, but does the job.

There are many ads, which sometimes makes the mobile version unusable, but overall ABCya is good for its value given that it is free. The variety of games is a double edged sword though, as students don't have a learning path to follow since they are free to choose whatever they'd like to play. This can be overwhelming to some students.
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Fun interesting game

I think it is a good interactive game, and there are so many different game modes it makes it even more fun for the kids.
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Fun website

I really enjoy this website. I like how it makes learning fun and how there are many many games that they can choose from. I also enjoy how they separate it by grade level so everyone can find a game just for them. I have to admit that even as an adult these games are fun to play.
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Fun and light game for Grade 6+ kids

I only played a few games on the website platform, so I haven't seem any ads issues that the reviews had mentioned. Overall I think this is perfect for kids under middle school and it also has various of topics that enough to cover the subjects in primary school.
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interactive fun games

I think this tool is great as it comes with so many different types of games. I liked how they included different styles of game-like strategy-based games or skill-based games and core subjects like English and Math.
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I do not like abcya,my homeschooled class used to use Chromebooks to work on but then my daughter said to use I pads or tablets so we did! We liked to use abcya but when we tried mobile device it wanted me to buy a bunch of things! We stopped using it.

Nothing worked. Make this a free app very annoying.
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Interactive and Engaging Games

Overall I think that this is a great teaching tool. I like that it offers a broad range of games that covers a variety of subjects areas. It is grouped by grade level allowing you to access games above and below your current grade level to offer differentiation of instruction. The website is easily accessible so I have recommended it to families as a fun way to review skills at home. It would be helpful if it were more user friendly on the iPad. All of the games are not compatible for iPad usage and you have to purchase a subscription to have access to all of the games. We have six iPads in our classroom and I would love to be able to use these for independent work during math stations or literacy groups. I have to use my desktop connected to the Smart board through the website for students to play in small groups and it can be a little distracting to other groups who are working independently or with a teacher.
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Great interactive tool for students!

This is a great enrichment tool. Students are able to work at their own pace.
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ABCya is a fun interactive online option for kids. I love the colorful and enticing graphics and the kids love it!

ABCya is fun way to practice new concepts. Kids will be having fun and not even realizing they are learning!
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