Great tool for practicing numerous skills from keyboarding to recognizing sight words to skip counting!

Submitted 8 years ago
Keely M.
Keely M.
Technology Teacher
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My Take

It is important to preview the activities before introducing them to students. Some activities are not great learning tools and are more just for fun. Some activities are cumbersome and less engaging as well, so be picky when you introduce them to students. Overall, I like abcya as a tool for reinforcing previously learned content.

How I Use It

I use abcya with grades K-5. It is a great site for reinforcing skills in a fun, engaging way. With younger students in grades K-1 I use the typing activities to familiarize students with the keyboard along with literacy and numeracy activities that reinforce skills learned in the classroom as well as skills using the computer. With older students in grades 2-5 I use the typing games as a fun way to promote speed and accuracy in keyboarding.