A kid and user friendly site that provides challenging and educational games that are actually fun and engaging from levels K-5.

Submitted 9 years ago
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My Take

This is one of the easiest to get going web sites that is around. Every game is colorful, visual, and takes the individual learner to whatever level they choose to reach. Categories are given at each grade, but many of the games goes cross-curriculum where a variety of skills are being used. A real winner at the K-5 level that has never failed me, the students, or the parents that use it at home.

How I Use It

The best way to use it as a teaching tool is think of an idea yourself and abcya will have some game that will fit it. If you want the kid to work on a writing project, there is a robot creator plus an area for kids to script following. Need a letter to a famous character, there is a friendly letter creator. If you have younger children, you can use the alphabet games, as well as taking 5th graders to Percent Panic to teach area/perimeter. The best thing about abcya is no back arrows are needed- you simply "click the K or the 2" Kids want to take this game home as well and it is not unusual to see lower elementary graduating to the 3-4-5 levels.