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Critical Thinking, Math

Price: Free, Paid
Platforms: Android, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Kindle Fire

Pros: "Bubbles" is a fun and original game that combines problem-solving and sequencing.

Cons: Other than the game, it's mostly rote memorization; reinforcement is just a ding or a honk for right or wrong answers.

Bottom Line: AB Math is easy to use and helps students improve basic math skills with drills, tables, and a game.

If they practice enough, kids will get quicker and better at the four basic math operations, and they can go at their own speeds. Also, if they don't like timed tests, they can practice in an untimed mode. AB Math might be a good break from any existing rote-memorization drills you're using in groups. It could also help reinforce work you're already doing to teach basic math operations.

AB Math is a solid and well-organized math app, but that's about it. Students can practice the basics: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, plus Roman numerals and sequential ordering. They can use drills, tables, and a fun game called "Bubbles" and teachers might like being able to register four students on one app. Kids'quiz results are recorded separately by username under the History tab.

Kids can quiz themselves by choosing multiplication table problems or simple calculations on four difficulty levels. In "Calculations" kids practice the four basic math operations and can choose Easy, Medium, Hard, or Expert. They tap numbers to answer sums, or use multiple choice. Kids work multiplication tables in "Tables," but the app's only genuine point of interest is the game "Bubbles." Numbers and sums float by in bubbles, and kids pop them in order of least to greatest. It's clever: Kids are practicing sequencing while solving math problems. "Bubbles" has four levels, four modes (classical, Roman numerals, ABC order, and multiplication), and five bubble styles.

Under the History tab, kids and teachers can view game results including mode, level, score, correct and incorrect answers, date, and time. It's a good way to see how things are progressing and whether it's time to bump up a level, or whether kids should keep practicing certain tables or operations.

Kids can time themselves, too, so a kid could start using this app right when basic math gets introduced and adapt it throughout elementary school. However, AB Math offers little besides the "Bubble" game that's different from traditional rote-memorization techniques. It just sort of transfers them to the screen. Overall, AB Math is a well-organized way for kids to practice math, and the "Bubble" game adds just enough fun to keep kids coming back.

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The drills are kinda boring. But the "Bubbles" game is super fun, with plenty of options, fun visual rewards, and a fast pace.


Kids can customize their drills and games to different difficulty levels and quiz styles.


Kids don't really use help pages, so teachers should supervise. Navigation and gameplay can be confusing. But the help pages will help you -- they've got a lot of great information. Same with the Hint button. 

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AB Math reinforces math skills in an interactive and motivating way

AB Math is a very simple and easy-to-use app. You can only work at the easy level in the free version. The paid version is only $1.99. There are three different types of games you can play. One involves trying to solve as many number problems as possible in the allotted time. The more correct answers you get, the more stars you receive. The second game gives you a number problem and four answers to choose from. The third game has you tap the correct order of four numbers that are floating around randomly in bubbles

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