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Pros: Quick and easy to get a game going. Clear reports. Built-in practice sets.

Cons: Doesn't adapt to students. Highly competitive. Few tweaks to games.

Bottom Line: This is a dependable -- if not very customizable -- way to get students some quick math practice, but the competition focus might not work for everyone.

99math is a quick and easy way to get students practicing math skills competitively as a class or at home individually. It could also work well in distance or remote learning environments. While you can select grade levels from K–12, it's best used for K–6 or with students in middle school needing to get to grade level. The built-in question sets make setting up a quiz easy, and the detailed reports help teachers figure out where their students are at. In this way, 99math would work well as a post-lesson or unit formative assessment tool, or a way to gauge student ability before a lesson. However, the results won't be fully accurate, since the competition format might throw some students off. 

99math is a quiz game that tests math skills via live and practice games. Teachers pick a skill and then run live class games where students compete against each other (and against themselves over a series of games). At the end of three rounds, students see who did the best and was most accurate. They also can dig into a report on their success question by question. Teachers also get reports of student performance, including accuracy and incorrect answers. Teachers can then assign practice sets for students to complete at their own pace.

A number of short videos explain how to get set up, but overall 99math is pretty easy to navigate and use. The design is simple and focused. There's also an active Facebook community where teachers can share ideas and ask questions. 

For classrooms that enjoy competitive quiz games, 99math is a great resource. It's focused on fast recall of math facts, and the reports provided to teachers and students offer a decent picture of which skills need development. However, this type of game may not be for everyone and may heighten some students' anxiety about their math skills. There aren't many ways to customize the games or peel back some of these competitive layers. There are multiple language options; however, some accessibility improvements would be great. Also, while it's handy that teachers can assign practice sets after a quiz, the prompt has teachers assign the same set to all students. More differentiation at this moment in particular would be helpful. Finally, as of this review, 99math also lacks a view of individual student progress over time, although this feature is being worked on.


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It's fast and intense quizzing, which will work for some and not for others. The design is nicely focused.


It's got baked-in content that's easy to assign and then drill students on facts. The reports offer feedback on what needs more practice, and teachers can assign homework.


It's easy to set up and get a game going, and the reports are useful for students and teachers. It could be more customizable, though, to help make quizzes accessible.

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Pamela Brittain
Pamela Brittain Academic Coordinator K - 12

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