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Make data visible for students

My favorite thing about Data Classroom is that it was developed by a Biology teacher who understands the needs of teachers and students. The program is extremely intuitive and because of this, empowering to students. I expect that all students will become more independent with and improve their data analysis skills due because it takes complicated data analysis and brings it to the level of the students. The Google Classroom integration is important to me because this means that students can submit work and I can create assignments easily in the platform that we use every day. As a student, I always had difficulty with mathematics and data analysis. As a teacher, I would struggle to find ways to support my students through the same data analysis and statistics that challenged me. Data Classroom makes it easier to integrate the NGSS science and engineering practice expectation of analyzing and interpreting data into multiple units over the course of the school year.
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Clear analysis and visualization of classroom data for students

DataClassroom is a great tool to move students into the new age of data analysis. The Tidy Data structure allows kids to think in terms of variables instead of just collecting numbers in categories. The analysis and statistical applications using the student derived data is a snap, and as DataClassroom adds more stats into their arsenal, I plan on moving entirely to the platform. The graphing feature is high quality in terms of appearance and functionality. I love the clarity of the graphs and the ability to add multiple statistical analysis tools in each graph. Adding graphs, captions and data tables is much easier than spreadsheet packages. The tutorials are also a great addition to the site where kids can learn how/why the tools are there and refer back to them as needed. I can also move between Google Classroom and DataClassroom seamlessly so that kids can work directly on their projects. The customer support is outstanding. All in all I plan on moving to DataClassroom entirely for my classes over time.
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Great user friendly tool to understand data analysis! The visualizations are crisp.

This is the product I have been waiting for to introduce statical analysis to my students. I found it very user friendly, intuitive and really love the design of the visualizations. I love the fact that it is interactive and that the students have to predict p-values and means based on the generated graphs. DataClassroom could serve my students better by doing video clips or interactive primers on how to look at your own data and determine which test is best to use for the analysis. I also can’t wait until they release the ANOVA and regression tests. We will definitely use those. A rep for the company told me those tests are in development.
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