Great user friendly tool to understand data analysis! The visualizations are crisp.

Submitted 4 years ago
Christine G.
Christine G.
Toms River High South
Toms River NJ, US
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This is the product I have been waiting for to introduce statical analysis to my students. I found it very user friendly, intuitive and really love the design of the visualizations. I love the fact that it is interactive and that the students have to predict p-values and means based on the generated graphs. DataClassroom could serve my students better by doing video clips or interactive primers on how to look at your own data and determine which test is best to use for the analysis. I also can’t wait until they release the ANOVA and regression tests. We will definitely use those. A rep for the company told me those tests are in development.

How I Use It

I use DataClassroom to introduce students to statical tests in my science research class. The students found the steps easy to follow and commented how they understood the T test because DataClassroom explains the “Why” of what is happening with crips visuals they love! In EXEL students get results from the stats function and have no idea how the tests work. Once my students have gone through some of the free sample data online they upload their own raw data from their research. The video on “Tidy Data” explains an important skill for data tables that applies for all data read by a computer. Tidy Data concepts are super important for a world that is exploding with new jobs in tech and data management. My students use their stats results & DataClassroom generated graphs for their posters and PPTs at symposia and science fairs.