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An Excellent Tool for Building Students' Writing Skills while having a Real-World Impact

This tool provides an excellent way for students to build the skills necessary to excel at academic writing while also having a positive real-world impact not just for them but for the wider community and even Society as a whole. It is an excellent way to engage in topical discussions and encourages students to respond to what they read, though it is limited in its electronic reach and in order to be fully taken advantage of, requires integration into class time.
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Excellent online format for interactive research. Teaches the steps of the research process in a fun and engaging way while allowing for multi-modal final products.

KQED Learn is an excellent site that promotes online collaborate while reinforcing the teaching of basic research skills. In addition, KQED Learn offers students the opportunity to create final products that are audio or visual in addition to the traditional written format. I appreciate KQED Learn because students were able to generate their own research questions focused on their own interests within the parameters of the assignment. I also felt that the final audio and visual products were exemplary because they addressed student strengths in the areas of digital literacy.
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Great place to promote academic discourse

Absolutely love the platform. I highly recommend for any middle and high school teacher interested in providing his/her students with opportunities to delve deeply into topics that matter/are relevant to today's students. It also helps students develop media literacy and digital citizenship, providing them with a platform to show their work and ideas beyond the walls if one particular classroom. Engagement, relevance, critical thinking, what's not to love?
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