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I really enjoy this because my students rarely are invited to think critically about their sources of information. I had a student ask, "So, anyone can just make up stuff and say it's news on the internet?" Yes, exactly. I really wish there were a way to save a game over a class period or two. It takes us longer to get through things than a regular education class would.
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Great for digital citizenship!

I really like that the students can earn badges and learn that spreading misinformation is dangerous. I wish this website called for a higher-level of thinking, but I do understand this is just a game. I think this game, if taught correctly, can be beneficial for students. This game teaches students about spreading lies on social media, the repercussions that come with that, and the negative impact that our words can have on people who do not take the time to cross-check sources for credibility. This would be a great starting hook for a lesson on digital citizenship, but it is not something teachers can use beyond the "hook".
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