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Submitted 7 months ago
L T.
L T.
Special education teacher
Kirksville Senior High School
Kirksville MO, US
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I really enjoy this because my students rarely are invited to think critically about their sources of information. I had a student ask, "So, anyone can just make up stuff and say it's news on the internet?" Yes, exactly.

I really wish there were a way to save a game over a class period or two. It takes us longer to get through things than a regular education class would.

How I Use It

I use this as part of a unit on rhetoric, persuasion, advertising, and fallacies in 10-12 grade special education English class. It's used as a warm up to Animal Farm. I typically have a small class so we go through the game by consensus as far as we can before the bell rings. On the following class day, depending on the reading level and skills of the class, we break into small groups to play Bad News Junior.