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Great app for kids to develop critical thinking skills.

My niece have been using the app for over 5 months now and that's all she likes to play on her tablets because the activities are endless and she gets happy whenever she moves to the nest lesson, it gives her a sense of accomplishment.
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Great Product for Children! I can see my nephew loving this!

I loved how this app spoke to me and allowed me to listen back. The little animals seem like they would be very engaging for children, they are even entertaining for adults in my opinion. In the math world problem section, I liked how it takes the child through every step by itself and isolates what important steps they would need to take when doing it on their own. The colors are very vibrant, too. Also, it eased into the more difficult work before requesting that the child complete more of the challenging tasks. The app uses words like "oops" and "yay" which would be very relatable for a seven-year-old.
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Wish it would go up to higher grade level!

My only issue is that it does not go up to any grade level further than 2nd grade. I think it would be so fun to have additional grade levels for those who are visual learners this app may be very useful. Also, fun games that are educational and will keep little ones motivated..
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Wish I found this app sooner! Amazing and engaging.

I really enjoy the teaching style of this app. It's fun and engaging with the animals and offers little prizes they get to choose from for incentives. It switches between subjects and activities and even includes things for the student to move around. There are drag and drop games, drawing and coloring, sing/dance along Videos, and more. Very impressed. Especially because it's free for everyone and very easy to sign up for unlike a lot of other learning/teaching apps.
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This app is a great way for young students to learn while also having fun!

I think it is a great teaching tool for young students and is great for keeping their attention.
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Great interactive visuals & an effective way to review Information with students

I really like this app, it is very informative and engaging. I really like the visuals and verbal instructions that are given to the students. This could help students better understand concepts that have been covered in school. It is also easy to access and a great tool for parents to use at home to teach their kids more or help them.
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Great way for kids to have fun while learning

This is a great tool that kids can utilize in their learning. The app makes it fun and feels more like a game to the kids than just sitting there and learning. Educators can use this app as a tool for kids and they will definitely enjoy it.
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Great Visual Learning System

There are many educational games available that teach kids as well as entertain them at the same time! Great way for students to work individually and at their own pace.
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This program is great for kids to learn the basics through great visualization and making the kids not even know they are learning since the games are fun.

This product is great the visualizations for this software are wonderful. Kids are really engaged while playing the games and do not get distracted and lose thought they stay engaged the whole time playing.
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The Khan Academy Kids app helps to reinforce classroom skills through visualization and interactive activities.

I appreciated the constant reinforcement of the material even after a student has mastered the content at hand. The activities have verbal cues to keep the students engaged and they allow for breaks while not lagging in the learning. Khan Academy Kids, like Khan Academy, is a great opportunity for kids to reach a mastery level of what they learn in the classroom while moving at their own pace. It is also a great way for the teacher to keep track of their students' progress during the school year.
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