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Boom Cards are amazing!!!

Boom Learning is a game changer for my classroom. Boom cards are not just multiple choice cards. Students can manipulate words, letters, sentences. Students can type open ended answers or even solve math equations. Boom cards eliminate the prep of traditional task cards. I simply loaded the app, created student accounts for each student, and then assign the deck. I no longer have to buy, copy, print, laminate, cut, and store task cards. I don't have to keep them organized, and my students can not loose the pieces. In addition, I have found very rich content that has been created by teacher authors, or I can create my own. My students can even take their spelling test on the Boom APP. The absolute best part is that it tracks their data. I use the data to group students, for intervention groups, and even to prove their growth to my principal. Not being provided with an expensive technology program, makes it difficult to incorporate technology into the classroom. However, the Boom Learning app is so affordable that even I can afford to buy the membership for my classroom. I have enjoyed creating cards for my students, and my students love playing Boom Cards. They especially enjoy hearing my voice on the cards I have created. Try Boom, you will love it!
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