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Great interactive content for expanding knowledge

It is a great tool to use in class with the students, to use in the office during planning or even independently as a student. It offers a great source of materials that everybody can use and it is free.
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Class fitting videos, questions and activities

BioInteractive is a great tool for supplementing your curriculum with. The website has multiple topics, supports different age levels of students, and many of the products are available in Spanish for ELL students. If not already aligned the products easily fit into the standards of NGSS and promote application and critical thinking. My only caution to other teachers using the video questions or activities would be that the answer keys are posted so inventive students can find them.
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BioInteractive: Engage, Think, Extend

HHMI Biointeractive is one of the best tools out there for introducing and extending knowledge in IB Biology (and MYP Science), with highly engaging, short videos, interactives, lesson plans and data sets. It can be used to introduce new topics or to extend thinking, and is easy enough to navigate for student-led inquiries. It is well organised with a lot here to connect to the curriculum, allowing learners to see science in action and put a context to the content. There is so much here, it could take a long time to sort out, and so their teacher resources are welcome. You could spend a full day in PD with colleagues using it to plan lessons and curriculum. One thing I'd love to see is a curriculum-to-resource map for the IB Biology course (or other courses), which would make navigating this amazing resource even quicker.
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