Class fitting videos, questions and activities

Submitted 5 years ago
Tracy B.
Tracy B.
Loyola Blakefield
Towson MD, US
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My Take

BioInteractive is a great tool for supplementing your curriculum with. The website has multiple topics, supports different age levels of students, and many of the products are available in Spanish for ELL students. If not already aligned the products easily fit into the standards of NGSS and promote application and critical thinking. My only caution to other teachers using the video questions or activities would be that the answer keys are posted so inventive students can find them.

How I Use It

I have used multiple BioInteractive products in both my Biology class and my Marine Science class. I find the short films to be great for introducing or showcasing certain topics. Two of my favorites are The Double Helix and Keystone Species and Trophic Cascades. Many of the films come with viewing questions which helps to keep my students engaged as they view the film. I have used the activities suggested for after the films these help students to apply the topics they learned about in the film and promote critical thinking.