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Reliable and effective learning management system

A robust and efficient learning management system. It provides a variety of features and tools to improve the teaching and learning process. The platform is a great option for educational purposes due to its user-friendly interface.
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I prefer Canvas since it's organized and easy on students

Canvas is a great learning tool for all ages. It is very organized and I think anyone is able to navigate through the pages to easily access homework, classwork and even teachings.
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Need updating.

In terms of usability, it feels rather backward, with limited drag and drop capabilities when building assignments. Students find it less than obvious where to find teacher comments on their work.
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Canvas is a palette on which technology paints a bright picture for today’s students!

From turning in assignments via file uploads, or typing them directly into the web-based interface in a text-box, students are able to interact with Canvas assignments, the online rubric, and uploaded resources given by the teacher all in one location. For example, if there is a Youtube video that demonstrates how to write annotations for a works cited page, a teacher may upload the link for the video on the Canvas home page for the class. The same goes for various file types like Word docs, PowerPoints, movies, etc. Canvas also allows students, parents, and teachers to communicate with each other via email, group discussions, and pasted announcements. Canvas facilitates quality pedagogy, in that it presents the content in a format that students are interested in using. One can easily flip a classroom by utilizing Canvas by pasting material for students to access at home, and then using invaluable class time, instead, to process the information with the teacher acting as facilitator and not a talking head. Canvas is like Edmodo, but on steroids. It is the perfect tool for the classroom teacher, student, and parent to utilize to make learning more interactive and web-based.
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Canvas is a GREAT way to Manage Your Students' Learning

Canvas is a great tool, but takes some time to learn. I like how easy it can be to navigate for students if the teacher has constructed the class in an intuitive way. Once learned, this tool is a wonderful content delivery system and assessment instrument. The range of quiz options is vast with multiple choice, fill in the blank, short answer, essay, and more options! Learning Canvas may be an uncomfortable process for some teachers who are new to using online tools with students, but it is worth the effort and many initially reluctant teachers are seeing the value and efficiency that is possible when using Canvas.
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One place for all lesson resources, submitting assignments online, grading and providing feedback

This is an excellent tool that allows each teacher great flexibility to design the online course material in the way that best fits their needs. The ability to port course content from year to year allows teachers to continually improve on lesson plans and provide additional resources. Love the fact that it will check all my embedded URL's and let me know of any broken links. Online help and resources along with very responsive customer service make implementation flow smoothly. Free version is available for teachers who want to use it without implementation from their school district. This app allows me to get the information my students need in their hands. There are no more lost worksheets or handouts. They are just a click away on my course resource page. Too many features to list. An excellent tool.
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Great way to communicate with your students, create and collect eLearning assignments, and collect data and grades.

I can create any assignment and upload it to my students with this program. I can communicate with them regularly, and it helps to maintain a working atmosphere from the classroom as well as from home.
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THE Learning Management System for your district.

If you have the option to upgrade your support- DO IT. Canvas is very powerful, but if you are not disposed to technology and the challenges associated with it, then I would strongly recommend that you upgrade your support if you choose to adopt this program. Canvas is an amazing tool that allows you to customize to suit your needs as a teachers, school, and district. This product truly operates as a blank canvas that you can create anything with!
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