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Perseverance and Critical Thinking disguised as a logic puzzle game for kids!

I really like this app as both a teaching tool, and as a optional app to keep students engaged in something to help build their skills when I can't be working with them directly. My students loved this app and were consistently engaged in the process of going through the levels. I had many different students (from Gifted to Learning Support) and all students loved this app equally. I really liked that students took it upon themselves to help their fellow classmates as well, which was great to see!
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Zoombinis are BACK! The puzzles are timeless and tap into critical thinking in a powerful way.

Zoombinis is a great game for teaching / encouraging critical thinking and problem solving. The skills employed in solving the puzzles are in line with a computational thinking framework and students will clearly think in a systematic way like a programmer, without it feeling like a coding activity. This makes it a wonderful supplement to all of the coding activities. I could definitely see it having a place in the hour of code / computer science week activities, as well as a continuation as we take kids beyond the hour of code . I was a huge fan of the zoombinis games back in the 90s when they came out and was beyond excited when it was announced that they were remaking it for tablets. The game lends so perfectly to the tablet environment. I may even say that the game was made for that environment. Zoombinis is a wonderful game that touches on our imagination while getting us thinking. I highly recommend the zoombinis game as a station if you don't have enough devices for every student. I occasionally hand out ipads to a select number of students and have them explore the game amidst other learning activities.
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