Perseverance and Critical Thinking disguised as a logic puzzle game for kids!

Submitted 6 years ago
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My Take

I really like this app as both a teaching tool, and as a optional app to keep students engaged in something to help build their skills when I can't be working with them directly. My students loved this app and were consistently engaged in the process of going through the levels. I had many different students (from Gifted to Learning Support) and all students loved this app equally. I really liked that students took it upon themselves to help their fellow classmates as well, which was great to see!

How I Use It

This app is a great way to help students build confidence in the areas of critical thinking and perseverance without them even knowing it. This "game" promotes both of these important qualities throughout all of the levels. My student used this in Math class in several ways. At first, it was introduced to them as a option when they finished their classwork or as I was working with small groups of students. It was engaging enough to keep them on task and thinking critically while I was able to work with others. I even noticed students beginning to talk and help one another through some of the tasks, which I was fine with since collaboration is a skill we need to foster in our students. The kids loved this "game" so much that they would ask for it as part of a reward day where everyone would have a chance to use it on the iPads, which I happily obliged. I loved seeing how excited they were about this app, knowing it was really teaching them some very important skills that they would in turn be able to apply not only to difficult math situations, but to other curricular areas where they needed to show some critical thinking or perseverance!