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Amazing, practical tool for teachers and parents!

I can't recommend this product highly enough. The information that you receive on each individual student's learning profile is so helpful and practical.
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Great tool for teacher self-reflection!!!

As an administrator, this served my role well. I look forward to supporting my teachers as they use it with students.
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Insightful look into a child's learning profile, and useful to predict a learning difference

My use of the results of this assessment is to have each student look at one strength and one weakness, learning more about that aspect of learning (using the well-written description on the Mindprint Learning website), and then give a report to the rest of the class on what they learned. It is incredibly empowering for struggling students to realize that there is a name for the way certain processes work, and that they have strengths as well as weaknesses. The more they learn about these differences, the more effectively they can begin to address them.
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