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YouTube kids can be a great tool for education. However, it provides too many distractions to be used independently by students

Overall, I do believe YouTube Kids can be a good teaching tool. However, the teacher must be the one to use it if used for learning purposes. The interface and accessibility offers too much distractions for students to use.
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So glad I found this!

I like the fact that it is completely tailor to kids and I can even select the ages ranges even within the kid category.
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Banned for our kids

Not safe for kids.
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Entertainment and Learning for Kids!

I really like it and my students do as well!
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Kid-centered videos that are great for education.

I'm not sure how secure it is. I can type in some inappropriate words and they wont show, however students can get off on the wrong video quite easily. One of the best features is the speech search. Kids who can't type what they are looking for can easily say it and search for it that way.
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YouTube for Youngsters

This is a step in the right direction for younger students using YouTube as a learning resource. The videos and music on YouTube Kids are appropriate for younger grades. As with all online resources, do not leave your students alone with YouTube Kids. Monitor what they are watching and listening to. The videos on YouTube Kids are a great resource for enhancing a lesson or hooking the student's into what information is about to come.
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