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Common Core Quest - individualized assessment works for some

This app as a teaching tool should be used in any common-core aligned classroom, but be careful not to over use it because it is limited and the videos / supplemental material (some of it) can be mundane. To have access to this type of app, which targets standards and then allows students to experience questions / prompts tied to those standards is key to any teacher who is looking to see what his / her students can manage before tackling a standard. In addition, those students who are home schooled, on a medical leave, or in an alternative placement, could easily navigate through this app by clicking on the math or English area they require more practice with. The only area that I found frustrating is that it did not read the text to the student. This can be difficult for the low literacy readers who are allowed texts read to them. Special needs students would find the text complicated in the English section. The one area the students liked was the "badges". They appreciated that the app kept track of their progress and encouraged them to revisit areas that should receive at least a 90% mastery.
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Nice way to personalize Math and ELA instruction and assessment.

Overall this is a great app. It links many free web resources to the appropriate standards and provides assessments to measure progress. While it is a very useful tool, it is somewhat limited in the way some of the standards are covered. For example one of the 6th grade math standards specifically refers to tape diagrams and double number lines, but they are never mentioned in the linked videos or assessments for that standard. I also wish that there was some sort of notepad on which students could draw and write out equations in order to solve the problems.
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Great app for multi-faceted student learning!

I love CC Quest for its adaptability, the features to be able to give kids my own specific courses via the main website as well. Students enjoyed the badges and ribbons and I loved being able to get data from students even on the weekend! They found the difficulty of the questions mixed, which was good, and for the new Homework feature I would require students to still turn in their work (it rightfully so doesn't make them get the correct answer before moving on, but does let them watch a targeted video to that concept/skill.) There are actually about 3 quizzes per standard now for many/most standards, not the one the reviewer mentions.
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