Great app for multi-faceted student learning!

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I love CC Quest for its adaptability, the features to be able to give kids my own specific courses via the main website as well. Students enjoyed the badges and ribbons and I loved being able to get data from students even on the weekend! They found the difficulty of the questions mixed, which was good, and for the new Homework feature I would require students to still turn in their work (it rightfully so doesn't make them get the correct answer before moving on, but does let them watch a targeted video to that concept/skill.)

There are actually about 3 quizzes per standard now for many/most standards, not the one the reviewer mentions.

How I Use It

I use CC Quest in a station-format in middle school mathematics as well as a resource for further help for students. The Mastery chart is very useful when deciding how to better target learning goals for all students. Setup is easy, the rationales and video pairings are quite innovative. It worked well also for showing some videos with whole-class instruction but really shines for personalized instruction - I could have struggling students go down a grade level to review those skills before leveling up to current grade levels.