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Instagram: Creative Outlet & Time Waster

I really enjoy and appreciate what Instagram has brought to society and I just urge that users remember to keep themselves accountable and not waste too much time scrolling as it can become an addiction if not used properly and maturely.
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Engage Students with Instagram

Instagram can be used to communicate with students, parents, and community members. Users can make their accounts private. However, students who have anonymous accounts end up trolling on Instagram and bullying users. Plus, student safety is questionable on the site.
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Community Building

This tool is wonderful for promoting upcoming school events or informing current events or projects. A quick and easy way to inform a large audience.
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Instagram It! Educate the world

Overall, I really liked using Instagram as a teaching tool. The instagram homework became a "right of passage" in my classroom and many past students would like and give positive comments on current students accounts. At first, students don't want to post because of their "image", but they quickly learn that their digital footprint is more than just selfies; it's about inspiring others and educating others. You can expect some grumbles in the beginning, from older students... "How dare you teacher be on social media!" Once the ball starts rolling the students love it. They end up seeing what their friends are posting, and many get tons of likes on their history based photos - which they find funny. One student took a photo of a Coca cola bottle and got a couple hundred likes.
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Instagram keeps everyone on the same page

I like Instagram for personal use and use it every day so I think it would be easy to implement into the classroom. It is very user-friendly and provides engagement for both students and teachers.
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Instagram: Parent Interaction!

I think this is a great tool to use for parents. Students, however, would not be able to use this or learn engaging information on this site. It is more for the families than the students.
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