3D Bear - The starting line for AR creativity

Submitted 3 years ago
Jason G.
Jason G.
Highlands High School
Fort Thomas KY, US
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My Take

This is a solid performing technology tool that teachers should keep close to their digital toolboxes. The vast options for items, characters, and more makes it so fun that students and adults can be carried away making creations. The support and customer service at 3D Bear is also friendly and willing to help users with courteous response time. If you have thought about AR and want to jump in feet first, look no further than 3D Bear.

How I Use It

Students can build their own AR reality based digital story telling which can be applied to any content and any grade level. The large bank of usable characters and items allows for the creativity to flow for students. Given the structure of outlined learning outcomes students can have the freedom to build and share. This is a great way tool to use as an introduction to AR and then build upon the complexity of learning by age and desired content goals.