Students create, imagine, and discover a world that does not exist in our reality but one that can exist in theirs.

Submitted 4 years ago
Susan S.
Susan S.
Oregon Middle School
Medford NY, US
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Students have experienced not only success but often times I am surprised by the student that emerges as a leader. Using augmented reality in my lessons does not lend itself to be something that is utilized with one student equalling one device. I have always assigned these projects in a group setting since having discussions about how to manipulate the reality and which choices to make from the gallery of objects is a component that adds value to whatever lesson I am using. Through experimentation and collaboration, students are able to discover the solution. They are excited about the opportunity to try something new, to try a way that is not asking them to read text that they don't understand or to write a paragraph using a specific formula for writing or to solve an equation where they are unsure how to begin. Students that struggle in a pen and paper world are able to express themselves through this new medium. I started using 3DBear with my students in January of 2018. Since then, 3DBear has gone through many upgrades, transitions and additions. All of which has added to the educational impact of the app; however, my devices can no longer support these new changes. Students are often frustrated by the technical problems that we face when using the app. The Samsung tablets cannot connect to the teacher dashboard nor is it able to get some of the new galleries of added pieces. The iPads have trouble locating a anchor and at times delete the objects that were placed by the students. I am looking for grants and other ways to upgrade my technology so that I can continue to use the app with my teachers.

How I Use It

Being the Library Media Specialist, I am able to integrate 3DBear in different disciplines. I have used the product with students to recreate their favorite scene from a class novel or to help them understand the setting of the Diary of Anne Frank by creating the attic space. I have used the app when having students interpret a poem or to communicate how they feel about different courses in their day. I have used 3DBear as an extension to their research where they have to create a habitat in prehistoric times or futuristic travel on Mars. Students have had to explain and justify their choices based on the conclusions they made after researching a certain topic. The premium version with the Teacher Dashboard is extremely helpful. Before that, students would tend to be off task. Now that I can have them send me a screenshot of what they are working on periodically throughout the period so that I know that they are on task.