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Build molecules quickly and easily to see their rotatable 3-D shape and hybridized bonding orbitals

I am thrilled that students can now build molecules as we learn about them. The app quickly and easily lets students build various molecules. Some of (very few) molecules on this app had the wrong shape. But the majority were correct and, the app really gives a good 3-D view of the structures. Also I have not been able to build polyatomic ions. But if the instructor pre-determines what structures are accurate the students can gain a much deeper understanding of shape and structure and bonding than just drawing them on paper. My students have been very grateful for this app. I also wish the app labeled the various orbitals sp, sp2, sp3, etc. I also wish the app showed non bonding or lone pair electrons better. Students can then take a screen shot of their molecules and email it to themselves for future reference. This is a fantastic app for visual and hands-on learners!

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