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Releasing Flocks of Pigs to help kiddos read!

The program is highly adaptive, scaling content down up to one full grade level if students are struggling. It also have a large number of tech-enhanced question types, which make guessing blindly pretty much a thing of the past. Both of these make it one of the stronger reading solutions I've seen. I do think actual lessons could be a little more engaging: they pretty much just focus on reading content. This isn't bad in and of itself, but could be a little more fun!
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Gives great customized feedback.

I'll admit that I was skeptical before I looked at this product, as I am with most products that claim to be aligned with the Common Core standards and boast that they can increase students' skills. I expected multiple choice questions that would have allowed students to guess, and that was not the case with the sample questions I was allowed to preview. Students were asked higher level questions that asked them to interact with and manipulate the text. Incorrect answers were given reasons why they were incorrect, and hints were given about how to find the correct answer. If all of the questions are like this, then this product is worth taking a closer look at.
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