Releasing Flocks of Pigs to help kiddos read!

Submitted 7 years ago
Blair M.
Blair M.
Technology coordinator
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My Take

The program is highly adaptive, scaling content down up to one full grade level if students are struggling. It also have a large number of tech-enhanced question types, which make guessing blindly pretty much a thing of the past. Both of these make it one of the stronger reading solutions I've seen.

I do think actual lessons could be a little more engaging: they pretty much just focus on reading content. This isn't bad in and of itself, but could be a little more fun!

How I Use It

We are piloting Waggle during our blended learning block. Students get on it every other day for about 30 minutes.

The classroom teacher assigns content based off of students' NWEA MAP scores, which Waggle has an integration with.

Students are invested in the program, as they release flocks of flying pigs when they get series of questions correct. The teacher is invested as she gets to direct content, whereas other programs are more "set it and forget it," which makes teacher investment trickier.