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A rather comprehensive resource for Physics Content, Physics Classroom provides supplemental instruction and easy visualization of concepts

Use the text and tutorials as supplemental instruction or provide more in depth instruction. Not all topics are supplemental to an AP or IB level. Some core concepts are missing. (Fluids, Thermodynamics). Demos can help students visualize the concepts. Take into consideration audience maturity, you may need to re-direct if they are not engaged or add more info to a given activity or demo. Always put the lesson in context of your class first. CP Physics may find this more useful then AP/IB. May go as far as M-level in SAMR hierarchy in terms of how you can introduce lab concepts or perform labs virtually.
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Website designed to give interactives and corresponding worksheets for physics

I see this tool as something to use when you have computer access but do not have access to physical materials to provide experiments. This website can also help students advance if they are done with their work and are interested in a certain application of physics.
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Interactive simulations with immediate feedback encourage students to continue trying even when not successful!

Because it was a new concept, this was a controlled way for student to find out for themselves what they did or did not understand free from judgemental eyes. As the teacher I was excited to receive a higher than normal influx of student questions as compared to giving direct instruction prior to completing an activity. Students, quite simply, were more actively engaged with the learning.
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This is the go to physics resource I use. The MOP part is unparalleled in helping students get to the core concepts in physics- I highly recommend it.

It is what I built my physics curriculum around because it is so thorough.
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An excellent resource for background information on physics.

The Physics Classroom is an excellent resource to supplement a physics classroom. It is simple and effective at providing the basics in physics.
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