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Teacher's Dream: Assess Away and be able to grade everything (in minutes!)

Although this is on the lowest end of the SAMR ladder -- automatizing grading is extremely valuable to me and saves time and money (no need for scantrons or waiting in the scantron line)
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Using Data to Guide Instruction with GradeCam

I love using GradeCam because it gives me a way to do more effective and frequent formative assessments. This helps me differentiate my lessons and respond to the needs of my students better. Unfortunately, GradeCam is limited to scoring multiple choice, and true/false questions. Therefore, it is limited in its ability to assess deeper levels of understanding. However, for skills based assessments and basic knowledge this is a great tool!
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Great tool for teachers to quickly score basic assessments

As a Technology Integration Specialist, I constantly am working to find technology tools for my teachers that can improve what they are doing in their classroom. When I discovered GradeCam, I tested the product and found it to be tremendously useful. Several of the teachers that I work with tested it as well and found it to be useful. There are both a free and paid version and you are provided with a trial of the paid version upon sign-up. Once the trial expires, it eliminates some of the most useful features.
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