Using Data to Guide Instruction with GradeCam

Submitted 8 years ago
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My Take

I love using GradeCam because it gives me a way to do more effective and frequent formative assessments. This helps me differentiate my lessons and respond to the needs of my students better. Unfortunately, GradeCam is limited to scoring multiple choice, and true/false questions. Therefore, it is limited in its ability to assess deeper levels of understanding. However, for skills based assessments and basic knowledge this is a great tool!

How I Use It

GradeCam allows teachers to print their own bubble sheets for multiple choice assessments and scan the answer sheets using an iPad, webcam, or document camera. GradeCam grades the assessment and provides detailed analysis of the results to help teachers use data to quickly inform instruction. In my classroom, I found that this was a wonderful tool for quick, ongoing formative assessment. It allowed me to check my students' warm-ups or tickets out the door to more accurately gauge student understanding. Because I was able to grade the assignments and analyze them so quickly, I was able to use the information for flexible grouping decisions and small group instruction.