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Fractions Learned In a Fun Way

The way that students are rewarded in this game gives them incentive to do well and keep playing the game, This can serve kids better because it motivates them to understand the material and do well.
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Visually based math app is like “angry birds” for fractions

Slice Fractions is a very cute, highly visual, way to introduce fractions to students. The game sets itself apart from other apps because it has broken down the foundational knowledge that students need to understand in order to truly grasp what a fraction is. Teaching those fundamentals without the interference of words, makes this a product that could reach those students who have not understood the concept of fractions in traditional ways. The game is common core aligned for fraction concepts through third grade. Add the fact that the game presents similarly to “angry birds” and you get one heck of a bonus. As a teacher, even I found the game addicting. It would be great if there were another level or even another app – Slice Fractions 2? – to address the fraction concepts in 4th and 5th grades.
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Engaging Way to Learn the Concept of Fractions

I think that this game does an excellent job of reinforcing the concept of fractions. Students were engaged and excited to play even when it got more difficult. They liked the graphics and getting new hats. It isn't gender-specific which is nice. Though students didn't always realize what they were doing "fractions," they were able to explain what they did and why using fractional parts (e.g. "I needed two pieces because the two pieces together equaled the bigger one"). The app does a good job of utilizing the iPad format rather than just reproducing a fractions worksheet. Still, it is expensive for a one time use per child.
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great graphics, but not what I expected

I would not use this as a teaching tool. However, my students loved the app and played with it until they could no longer go on. In the future I would hope the app would add actual numbered fractions so that the students could put a number to the object. My students basically had to figure out what to do being that there were no instructions.,
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