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Great and simple visuals for a younger audience to learn block coding and make use of their creativity.

I enjoyed this tool very much. It definitely helps young students to get creative and learn the basics of coding at the same time.
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Exciting first step to programming games for students of different ages.

I liked the fact that students created various games with amazing backgrounds and they created their own plans for how the game will run, what will make them earn points and how they would lose them. The lesson plans provided are very helpful for beginners on this program, and it allows room for creativity.
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Its a good product for young initial learners wanting to try their hands at both programming and game making

Its a good tool for students beginning to learn game creation without bothering about detailed programming techniques and know how
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Free. Kodu is Free and students love it. Very easy interface.

Very easy interface. Some limits on amount of data allowed but students learned to work around limitations. Very interactive games were created.
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Great for PC Beginning Game Designers

I love Kodu in the classroom! I do hope it becomes cross platform or web based. Students take what you introduce and expand on it. Don't be too telling in your instruction. Let them discover!
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Game design for the Xbox?

It is a Windows-based program that allows one to develop games without a huge knowledge of code. Similar to Scratch, it's a good way to learn and for students to make their first couple of games.
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Great way to introduce game design

This program is for students that love Xbox. Students can use this program with an Xbox controller.
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Fun Programming, Lots of Distractions

Super motivating for students and the fact that they get to use an x-box controller in class is even more incentive. Students seem to catch on really quickly to the concepts and enjoy creating. I have found that students can sometimes get lost quickly and are distracted easily in the process. I like the idea of teaching programming through creation tools and this should fit the bill, however I don't think students can afford as much time as it takes to create something (our curriculum is just too large to support it).
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