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Intuitive and highly effective app that shows students the tangential nature of great ideas.

The depths of the app are well beyond the skills of an average 5th grader, but it's intuitive enough that students were able to map out thoughts, then elaborate on and restructure their ideas in a much more systematic way. Note-taking is often daunting to students and Mindmeister made students feel that its okay to have scattered thoughts and that its more important to get ideas "out of your head" so you can really see them graphically. In the free version there are limited bells and whistles, but there is more than enough to engage the students. I want to try this with multiple classes so that they can use the thumbs up or down feature as well as the comment or response features.
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I recently used MindMeister in my classroom with my ninth grade English students, and I really liked it! I have included a link to a recent website I created that touches on a lesson in which I used this app:

See the link to my website I have included above.
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Great tool for encouraging collaboration and social learning

I think this product has a lot of potential. There are a lot of features to uncover, so it may take a little time for students to get comfortable using it. However, the ends would certainly justify the means. The fact that documents can be shared serves as a an important tool to promote collaboration and social learning of concepts.
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Great website to create a concept map quickly and easily!

I like this product. It is very easy to use and best of all - it is free. I've tried to use other websites to create a concept map and they were confusing and difficult to use. With MIndMeister, you have the opportunity to export your mind concept map in various ways.
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Mind mapping software made to share and collaborate

Mindmeister allows for individual and collaborative brainstorming in the classroom and at home online with other students, parents, or colleagues. Fast , fun, and interactive for students and teachers alike Mindmeister allows for information to be presented in a variety of formats. The login and program can be easily accessed at home and at school and the web 2.0 application can work as a collaboration between multiple students, or just as one. The downside is that you must have email to access and use the program, but most students in upper grades have access to a school email or home email at this point in many districts. It does take time to learn all of the functionality of the program as there are many "bells and whistles" that are not really apparent when the program is first used. Unfortunately the FAQ and support side of the tool are not fully supported and some of the questions asked go unanswered, but for basic needs the web 2.o tool works well. There are limitations on the number of mind maps you can have in the free version.
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