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Buzzmath is a great tool with Common Core aligned math questions and task.

This is a great tool for Common Core aligned math problems. The students get targeted work based on their needs and the website presents it in an engaging way. My students requested to work on this website very often. I have not used the teacher dashboard yet but look forward to seeing how I can track my students progress even more!
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Great interactive math site that keeps students interest.

On the SAMR model I feel that this app provides augmentation for the students in their lessons. The students review their Math skills and they gain a deeper understanding on the concepts being taught. If a student does not answer the problem correctly their is immediate feedback. BuzzMath walks the student through how to get the correct answer. I liked the fact that it provided immediate feedback. It also made the students think through and show understanding of the steps that the students would go through to solve the problem. This website the co-teacher and myself see what the students still had problems with and we were able to reteach if needed.
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This products offers common core practice in a fun way.

Buzz math allowed my students to get extra practice on common core standards. Many of the problems are multi-step problems involving students to thinking deeply. The I-pad app is interactive and "fun looking" which was a plus for my students. If used on the computer, students can draw their work on the computer screen and pull up a calculator to use.
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